BORIS, the Break-Out Room Integrated Solution from VHC is your key to a successful meeting or event.

BORIS (Break Out Room Integration Solution) was created out of need for a self contained break out room offering efficient set up and strike, user-friendly operation, premium equipment and budget driven price. Originally designed for meeting planners and others who are conducting a break out session or meeting, BORIS has evolved and is the perfect alternative to unreliable hotel provided equipment.

With solutions that can accommodate various break out attendee sizes, the BORIS family can offer a great experience in every room.

Click on the tabs below to learn more about the BORIS solutions and which is right for you.


It’s where it all started. The original BORIS, designed to address the needs of breakout room meetings has become one of the most in demand Audio Visual solutions in the meeting industry.

BORIS in detail:

  • Serves up to 125 people
  • Replaces unreliable house systems
  • Arrives on a single cart
  • Navigates tough accessible spaces
  • BORIS systems are identical for a cohesive experience from room to room

Each BORIS comes with:

  • 6.5' x 10' Screen with two preset adjustable heights
  • Projector with stand
  • Two audio speakers
  • Two wireless microphones
  • Podium microphone
  • Laptop connections + iPad adapters
  • Presentation remote, easel and markers
  • Dress kit and skirting


BORIS Lite is the perfect solution for small meeting rooms, registration areas and small common spaces that still require a big impact.

BORIS Lite in detail:

  • Self-contained cart
  • Motorized monitor lift
  • Fits rooms and common spaces of limited size

Each BORIS comes with:

  • 80 inch Monitor
  • Bose Surround System
  • DVD and CD Playback Support
  • Laptop Connections


BORIS Boost is a great compliment to your next meeting or event. With the ever increasing dependency on mobile devices comes the need to keep them charged throughout the day. Boris Boost can help put a stop to the never ending search for available outlets!

BORIS BOOST in detail:

  • Charges 8 mobile devices at a time
  • (3) Apple Lighting
  • (1) Apple 30 Pin
  • (3) Micro USB
  • (1) USB Type C

Graphics are customizable for your event.

Deploys in seconds for use in breakout rooms, common spaces and other areas.