BORIS Breakout Room Integrated Solutions

An all-in-one solution for your next breakout meeting

BORIS (Break Out Room Integration Solutions) was created out of the need for a self-contained breakout room offering efficient set up and strike, user-friendly operation, premium audio and video equipment and a budget-driven price. Originally designed for meeting planners and others who conduct breakout sessions or meetings, BORIS has evolved and is the perfect alternative to unreliable hotel-provided equipment.

With solutions that can accommodate various breakout attendee sizes, the BORIS family offers a great experience in every room.


It’s where it all started. The original BORIS.

Designed to address the needs of breakout room meetings, BORIS has become one of the most in demand audio visual solutions in the meeting industry.

  • Serves up to 125 people
  • Replaces unreliable house systems
  • Arrives on a single cart
  • Fits through a standard door
  • BORIS systems are identical for a cohesive experience from room to room

BORIS Generation III comes with:

  • (1) Roland VR-50HD MK II Video/Audio Mixer
  • (1) Digital Video/Audio Snake
  • (1) Christie Captiva Ultra-Short Throw Laser Projector
  • (1) Screen Works 5'9" X 10' Front Projection Screen
  • (2) RCF Powered Speakers With Stands
  • (4) Shure Wireless Microphone Combos
  • (1) Shure Podium Microphone
  • (1) Computer Audio DI
  • (1) Computer USB Remote
  • (1) Designer Easel With Paper & Markers
  • (1) 4 Ft. FOH Table With Drape
  • (1) Complete Cable Package



A solution for tight timelines and lean budgets.

Super BORIS is fully ground-supported to reduce the need for additional labor. An additional screen and projector can be added for larger audiences.

Super BORIS is great for:

  • Shows requiring quick load-in, setup & strike
  • Ballrooms with limited access doorways and small freight elevators
  • Road shows and tours
  • Lean production budgets

Super BORIS comes with:

Production Support

  • 1 Audio Engineer
  • 1 Electrician
  • 1 Video Engineer
  • 1 Technician
  • Front of House Producer Package
  • VOG Microphone
  • Miscellaneous Expendables
  • 80’ Black or Grey Drape 16’ High
  • 30’ Black Drape 3’-5’ High


  • Yahama QL-1 Console
  • Yahama Stage Box
  • Audio Playback
  • L-Acoustics Compact Line Array
  • Subwoofer
  • Front Fill
  • Podium Microphone
  • 8 Channel Wireless Microphones
  • 5 ClearCom Freespeak Wireless Headsets
  • 5 RTS Beltpacks with Headsets


  • 16’ x 9’ or 13’ x 7.5’ Screen with Dress Kit
  • 14k Christie Projector
  • 12 Input, 4 Output Switcher
  • 2 Graphics Laptops
  • 2 Playback Pro DDR
  • Spy Camera


  • GrandMA 2 on PC
  • 8 LED ETC Leko Studio HD
  • 3 Arri Broadcaster
  • 6 Color One 100 Led Pars
  • 4 Clay Paky Axcor 300 Moving Lights


Matching your creativity with the best in lighting design and equipment.

BORIS Lite is the perfect solution for small meeting rooms, registration areas and small common spaces that still require a big impact.

  • Self-contained cart
  • Motorized monitor lift
  • Fits rooms and common spaces of limited size

BORIS LITE comes with:

  • (1) Sharp AQUOS 80" LED HDTV (1080p, 120Hz)
  • (1) Transporter & TV Lift
  • (1) Sharp BD-HP210U Blu-Ray Disc Player
  • (2) Bose Speakers
  • Laptop connections included



BORIS Boost is a great compliment to your next meeting or event.

With increasing dependency on mobile devices comes the need to keep them charged throughout the day. Boris Boost can not only help end the never-ending search for available outlets, but it can also deploy in seconds for use in breakout rooms, common spaces and other areas. Graphics are customizable for your event.

  • Customizable faceplate for your brand or event
  • Multiple connections to accommodate lightning and USB-C type devices
  • Rapid charging
  • Great for pre-function, exhibit hall and breakout meeting areas

BORIS BOOST comes with:

  • Charges 8 mobile devices at a time
  • (3) Apple Lightning
  • (1) Apple 30 Pin
  • (3) Micro USB
  • (1) USB Type C

Make your next event, meeting or show come to life