Digital LED Posters

Meet the newest and most advanced line of indoor LED systems – our Digital LED Posters offer the latest in mechanical design, visual electronics and media playback systems to fit any budget. From reliable service and support to worry-free installation, learn how our Digital LED Posters can make your event brighter.

Captivating visuals for your next event

Digital LED Posters offer a solution for event scenic or directional signage that’s visually stunning, technically advanced and budget-friendly.

Direct View Full Motion LED with Multi-Screen Splicing


Our Digital LED posters support single-screen mode and split-screen mode. Splice multiple screens together for a large video wall display of up to 6 units synced at a ratio of 16:9, or 10-16 units for up to a 4K horizontal resolution with an external video wall processor.

Ultra-Slim Design


The Digital LED Poster’s sleek aluminum frame and slim design create a stunning yet simple impact. Equipped with wheels for easy transport and effortless placement.

WIFI, HDMI, USB and Network Control


With a built-in media player supported by PC and mobile apps, you can manage and publish content to the Digital LED Poster via your mobile device. Plus, it has an extra HDMI input if you’d like to use your own media playback system.

Multiple Use

Digital LED Posters are perfect for use in all types of events, including commercial facilities, conference rooms, showrooms, exhibitions and performances. Use them as informational signage at your event’s registration desk or incorporate it as a peripheral stage element.

Mounting Options

Digital LED Posters provide various mounting options that can maximize the impact of your event, including free-standing, wall-mounted or ceiling-hung.

Breakout Room Integrated Solution


Digital LED Posters can be rented as part of your event staging or included in a BORIS (Breakout Room Integrated Solution) package. Reach out to learn more about the Digital LED Posters and how you can incorporate them into your next event.


Make your next event, meeting or show come to life